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Collen Makua

Production assistant

Who is Vuka?

You know how everything on Radio today is the same….

Vuka is an inspirational platform in radio format focusing on inspirational music, curating inspirational content from across the world to keep you inspired when the world is depressing!

News, music, Lifestyle, etc.

Tune in for your high!

Our aim is to:

  • V – Expand the Vision of our Listeners,
  • U – Challenge their Understanding,
  • K – Increase their Knowledge and
  • A – Inspire Action.

We curate some of the best inspirational content from across the world to make sure that you are constantly filled with positive energy and possibility.

Tune in anytime and inspire yourself!


Imagine ....
  • Preparing/Driving to work and you tune into your favourite radio station and it feels like a second skin…
  • Contemporary Bliss envelopes you…
  • Songs you can sing along to
  • Inspiration for your mind, body and spirit
  • Factual news from across the world- no obituaries, no opinions…
  • Arrive at work feeling peaceful and ready to face the world ….

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I love being part of Vuka- It doesn’t feel like any station I’ve listened to. It feels….warm!

I’m glad i’m part of the team that brings this inspiration to others!

Collen Makua

Production Assistant , Vuka Online Radio